AP Chinese Language &Culture Simulated Tests ( Book and Online Bundle )



This online AP Chinese, designed to help students boost their AP Chinese scores, is developed by Nan Hai Books. Presented here is the workshop’s core component: 8 sets of full length practice tests in simulation of the actual AP tests both in terms of test formats and difficulty levels, which were compiled by two teachers: Bih-hsya and Sunny X. Yu. Also under construction are special strategies and techniques as well as accompanying exercises targeted at each and every individual test area. Click for book "AP Chinese Language & Culture Simulated Tests". For Teachers: Overview Chinese language teachers play a vital role in enhancing the student’s abilities in taking the AP Test. With the AP Simulated Test system, teachers can easily facilitate students in the mock exams and give inputs for better Chinese language learning. What Can Teachers Do With AP Workshop? 1) View detailed grade reports of individual students. 2) Provide feedback and corrections to student’s answers in the simulation test. 3) Develop and conduct practice tests to measure student’s Chinese language      level and skills. 4)Conduct one-on-one tutoring with students who need improvement in listening, reading, writing or speaking.  For Students: Overview Taking the AP test is an opportunity for high school students to put one foot in college and get an advanced placement while still in high school. Learning and practicing the AP test beforehand is a great step toward success in taking the AP exam. What Can Students Do With AP Workshop? 1) Become familiar with the AP test environment through online simulations. 2) View grade reports from Chinese teachers. 3) Based on graded reports and feedback, students can take enhancement programs to improve weak areas in their Chinese language.  Compiled by two teachers who are thoroughly familiar with the various AP textbooks, curricula, and pedagogies currently in use in US and have a deep knowledge about the form, content as well as the principles and standards the College Board applies to the grading of AP Chinese exam, this book is a uniquely practical and essential tool both for self-preparation and crash courses for AP Chinese.  It features: 1. 8 full sets of simulated exam 2. Simulation of actual tests in content, form, and time frame4. Simplified & traditional characters5. Level-appropriate content6. Rich and varied materials

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