Jenny Farm Fairy Tales 2 W/DVD

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Jenny likes plants and children. She also likes to plant flowers, trees and veggies.
She graduated from The History Department of National Taiwan University. She took Early Childhood Curriculum in San Francisco City College and De Anza College.

She is the author of "Tidbits of the farm" and "The farmer at the foothills".

Jenny is a grandma. She lives on a small farm at the foot of the hills with her husband, farmer Charles. There are many interesting things happening everyday with the animals and plants on the farm.

She drew these stories and put them in farm fairy tales....... Jenny's farm fairy tales (2)

1. The raven babies

  A farmer lives alone ...... buys some extra meat for the ravens .... "Meat!" "We want meat!" ... back to work on the field ....

  To love others equals to love oneself.
2. The little snail

  The little snail follows ..... go up the pumpkin vines ..... "Time to go home!" ..... throws the little snail .....

  One should know when to stop.

3. The little frog 
  Many frogs happily sing ...... The toad dumps the little frog ..... The toad opens his mouth wider and sings louder ..... "Rum! Rum! Rum!" .....

   Share is one way of survival.
4. Snow ball

  Snow ball drinks water from the pond ..... saves the butterfly and lands it ..... The butterfly flies ..... Next year, when the eggs hatch... cocoon... butterfly......

  Expectation is delightful.


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