LangLang Chinese Book 2A ( 1Textbook & 2 Workbooks)

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Langlang Chinese is a complete Chinese Language learning curriculum for young students. It integrates comprehensive in-class instruction with interactive home studies. Langlang Chinese engages students with interactive online animated courses and highly intuitive textbooks. It fully utilizes the latest education technologies to offer a content-rich Chinese language learning experience for both classroom and home environments.

The Chinese Starter book set includes both a textbook and two workbooks. Supplementary materials include flashcards, interactive CDs, and online courses. We also provide a detailed teaching guide for teachers. The development of the Langlang Chinese program was a collaborative effort between Chinese language scholars, experienced teachers, and enthusiastic parents across the English-speaking world. The material is easy to teach, fun to learn, and one of the most effective courses available today. 

朗朗中文是中外汉语言教育专家联合为海外少儿开发的中文教学体系。遵循国家汉办“新中小学生汉语等级考试(YCT)”和“中国汉语水平考试(HSK)”的 考试大纲,并结合美国加州 “国际语言学习”目标,基于“以考促学,以考促教,考教结合”的原则编写,是海外少年儿童学中文、用中文和考中文的最佳课程。 《朗朗中文》每一级分为A和B两套,每套包括课本和活动手册各一本。另有与课本完全配套的《识字卡》和课程CD,可单独选择购买。 《朗朗中文》每册共七个单元,其中1A三个单元,1B四个单元,每单元包括2个课文对话、2个课堂活动、2首儿歌及手工课和游戏等。

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