Standard Chinese Level 3 Vol.2 Textbook

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This series, compiled by China Course Textbooks Institute, consists of 9 textbooks and 9 teacher's books (3 levels, each including 3 volumes), 12 workbooks (divided into parts A and B, accompanied with textbooks levels 1 and 2) and 3 CD-ROMs for 3 levels respectively.

The aim of compiling this series is to help students to learn Chinese Pinyin, grasp 2000 commonly-used characters, 5000 words and 300 simple sentences, read matched level articles and write short articles and letters with about 400 characters, so as to have the first comprehension of Listening, speaking, reading and writing and also some self-study ability. The ultimate purpose is to help students to deal with daily matters using Chinese without a hitch in Chinese-used area and build a solid basis for a further study of Chinese language and Chinese culture.

全套教材包括课本9册(分三级,每级三册),《练习册》十二册(分A、B本,与第一、第二级课本配套),《语文读本》三册(与第三级课本配套),以及《教 学指导手册》、录音带、录像带等。通过使用这套教材,学生可以学会汉语拼音,掌握2000个常用汉字,5000个左右常用词,300个左右基本句,能读程 度相当的文章,能写三四百字的短文、书信,具有初步的听、说、读、写能力,有一定的自学能力,能在使用汉语言文字地区用中文处理日常事务。

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