Learn Chinese with Me Teacher's Book 3

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This popular textbook series is compiled for English-speaking high school students. Considering the language environment of English-speaking learners, this book has been tested in several big cities such as Chicago. The topics in this series of textbooks have been carefully selected to meet the high school students' interests and are arranged in accordance with the rules of learning a second language. The series is composed of four volumes each of which contains Student's Book, Teacher's Book, Workbooks, and phonetic and listening materials.

 《跟我学汉语》这套教材以零为起点,终点接近中级汉语水平。编写的主导思想是培养海外中学生学习汉语的兴 趣。教材在内容的安排上力图自然、有趣,符合第二语言学习规律。教材语法点的出现顺序以表达功能的需要为基础,并用话题为线索来编排语言材料,从而带动交 际能力的培养。《跟我学汉语》采用的话题得益于海外广大中学生的热情贡献。


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