Mei Zhou Chinese DVD 4

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The MeiZhou Chinese seires is suitable for students of learning Chinese for 2-4 hours a week. The focuses of the textbooks include phonetics, vocabulary, situation-oriented communications and human sciences. The applicable standards adopted for compilation include US national standards on teaching foreign languages (5C) and US standards on foreign language assessment. And the textbooks are connected with both US Chinese Advance Placement Program (AP) at senior high school and US college Chinese program. DVD includes listening, speaking, reading, typing exercise. Take a look at MeiZhou Chinese (K-6 Grade), MeiZhou Chinese (7-9 Grade), Flash Cards for Teachers, Vocabulary Picture Cards and Poster too!

《美洲华语》系列教材专为美洲地区学生出版发行,适合每周上课2-4小时的中文学校学生使用,并与美国高中中文进阶课程(AP)和美国大学的中文教 学相衔接。《美洲华语》各册内容的选材,均以给年级学龄学生的各科知识层面、生活经验和对等程度的中国文化为范畴。各册课本、作业本及辅助教材的设计,则 特别注重学生在听力理解、口语表达、阅读理解、书写和翻译能力等方面的学习。DVD包含了听说读写等各项练习。同时《美洲华语》系列还有《美洲华语》 1-6册、《美洲华语》7-9册、《美洲华语》教师用字卡、《美洲华语》词语大图片以及《美洲华语》海报可供选择。

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