The Lamb and the Butterfly

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One day, a Lamb and a Butterfly meet in a meadow. The Lamb, cautious and dependent upon her mother, is curious about the Butterfly's independent way of life. Meanwhile, the free-spirited Butterfly doesn't understand the sense of security that the Lamb needs from her mother.

When an unexpected storm injures the Butterfly, the Lamb and her mother care for her, nursing her back to health. Once she's better, the Butterfly must resume her journey, flying away from the meadow. As the Lamb and the Butterfly try to understand each other's perspective, we learn an important lesson about recognizing and respecting differences between ourselves and others.

内容简介:小羊遇到了蝴蝶,小羊一直希望蝴蝶能留下来陪他,但蝴蝶喜欢海阔天空地飞呀飞……小羊和蝴蝶最后会在一起吗?《信谊世界精选图画书:小羊和蝴 蝶》借由小羊和蝴蝶的互动,呈现两种截然不同的生活模式:小羊群居,蝴蝶单飞以及两者相遇所产生的趣味对话,让孩子了解包容和尊重的道理,要学会去接纳与 包容不同的声音,让不同的乐器,共同合奏出动人的乐章。


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