Baby's Peepbo Board Series (4 Books)

Tomorrow Publishing House


This is a lift-the-flap toy book with round corner paperboard. The question-and-answer format is designed to guide children to actively participate in the development of the story, and learn the important concepts in daily life, such as: clothes, babies, friends, and going to bed. Children can not only enjoy the fun of parent-child dialogues, but also develop good habits.

《穿衣服》《上床啰》《好朋友》《小宝宝》是可以让幼儿一边看、一边翻的圆角板纸玩具书。在内容的设计 上,作者以一问一答的方式,引导幼儿主动参与故事的发展,并学会日常生活中的重要概念,比如:衣物、动物的小宝宝、好朋友、上床睡觉等,不仅为幼儿制造亲 子对话的乐趣,也帮助幼儿养成良好的习惯。书中可翻阅的小窗口,隐藏许多可爱的小动物,更让幼儿享受寻找与发现的惊喜,培养阅读的兴趣!小宝宝翻翻书纸板 书(套装共4册)的画者以色铅笔柔细的色泽与笔触,营造出幼儿居家的温暖气氛,让幼儿在阅读时,倍感亲切、温馨,并乐于一再阅读!

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