From Head to Toe

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In this book, Eric Carle draws the ""typical actions"" of twelve animals with unique collages,such as: elephant can stomp, gorillas can beat its chest,and bison can shrug shoulders. The animals are inviting children,with the repeated sentences of ""I can ......, can you? ""and"" I can do this "", to turn their heads, bent their necks,and swing their arms. During the game,children will be able to acquire some important skills, such as listening carefully,concentrating attention,and obeying the commands. In this book, children will learn the names of each of our body parts and their actions. Their ability to imagine, discover and think will also be cultivated.

在《信谊·宝宝起步走:从头动到脚》中里,作者用独特的拼贴画,画出了大象会跺脚、大猩猩会捶胸、野牛会 耸肩膀等十二种不同动物的“招牌动作”,并以“我会……,你会吗?”和“这个我会”的重复句型,邀请小小孩一起来转头、弯脖子、摆动胳臂,让孩子在玩乐中 掌握一些重要的技能,比如认真倾听、集中注意力、听从指挥。通过《信谊·宝宝起步走:从头动到脚》,孩子们也学习到了各种身体部位及动作的说法,培养想 象、发现与思考的能力。更重要的是,通过一次次地大声重复“你会吗?”“这个我会!”孩子能够建立起基本的自信心。而从这些简单的身体动作出发,孩子们得 以在自信、愉悦的状态下,开始学习舞蹈、体操以及其他更复杂的运动技能。


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