Graded Chinese Reader 1 (W/MP3)

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Graded Chinese Reader is a Chinese language reader that contains abridged versions of short stories and novellas that are written by contemporary Chinese writers reflecting the everyday life of ordinary Chinese people. Book One contains 2000 Chinese words (based on the 1033 words of level A in the HSK) and Book Two contains 3000 words (based on the 2018 words of level B in the HSK). Each book features concise and short sentences as well as commonly used words for easy reading. Pinyin is added to the full text, English notes or sample sentences for difficult words and sentences are provided. An English summary is included at the beginning of the story and at the end of each passage, an author biography and questions on reading comprehension are included. In order to improve the listening comprehension of students of Chinese as a foreign language, CDs in MP3 format are included with each book. In addition, the stories are illustrated with pictures, which can help students to understand the stories better.


Vol. 1: 一、人民的鱼; 二、公园里发生了什么?三、春天的一个夜晚; 四、早安,北京; 五、冰雪美人; 六、爱情故事.

Vol. 2: 一、浪进船舱; 二、不会变形的金刚; 三、讹诈; 四、遍地白花; 五、校园三曲.

Vol. 3: 一、谁生活得更美好; 二、陈奂生上城; 三、夜之随想曲; 四、雪窗帘; 五、城乡简史; 六、故乡的雨

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