Ni Hao 3 Textbook + eText (3rd Edition)

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 Ni Hao is a complete Chinese language course for beginning students in upper primary to senior secondary schools. It introduces Chinese language and culture and aims to teach communication in both spoken and written Chinese. The objectives are to enable students to use Chinese in the classroom, playground, and local community. The first textbook features daily language in various topics and settings. The text is richly illustrated and the language is structured, accumulative, and reinforced. Characters are used throughout the text to enhance the students' reading and writing abilities. Pinyin only acts as a guide to pronunciation. Each unit of the text in this book includes the following subsections: Illustrated texts, Learn the sentences, New words and expressions, Write the characters, Supplementary words, and Something to know. Topics include country & people of China, introducing yourself & others, numbers, identifying people, asking age, identifying objects, family & pets, countries & nationality, sports, friends, food. Introduces 280 words and how to write 84 characters. Simplified and traditional Chinese characters available. Appropriate for high school level.

A language learning download link is now included with each simplified-character edition of the Ni Hao textbook, and the effectiveness of this series has increased tremendously. Based on the popular Ni hao Personal Language Lab CD-ROMs, the new textbook software allows students to listen to passages from the textbook, as well as supply their own responses. The software's language recognition capability will evaluate a student's responses and provide valuable feedback.

Ni Hao now has additional downloads available for students:

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