Mini Apples Science Series (30 Books)

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Mini Apples Science Series is a series of books, which is written by French dozens of leading scientists, specially designed for 9-16 years old young readers, in total 30 books. The contents are involving: astronomy, geography, medicine and environmental protections, as well as math, physical and chemical aspects of knowledge. The book Ubiquitous Chemical/ Mini Apples Popular Science Series which is written by Christopher Jusoh Durbin, Catalina Hubble, mainly by dialogues, the contents are lively, which combine knowledge and fun as one, breaking boring situations of scientific works. It is not only with strong narrative, but also provide with magical color. When carefully reading the book, there are a lot of knowledge points that coincides with our primary and secondary school textbooks. But compared with the textbook, this book is filled with too much fun.

《迷你苹果科普系列丛书》是当前法国的一流科学家和学者们专为916岁的小读者们写的一套科普丛书,涉及天文地理、环境保护、数学,物理、化学以及生物 学。全书以对话为主,小主人公们充满了想象力和好奇心,他们用无数个可爱的问题、可笑的问题、聪明的问题向科学家、医生、学者们发起了进攻,他们用无数个为什么向我们展示了美妙而有趣的科学世界。这套丛书将沉闷而无趣的科普世界变成了一个美丽的新世界,而在这个世界里,谁说只有哈利·波特才能挥舞着神 奇的魔棒上天入地!只要凭借我的伟大想像力,我也可以在我的科学世界里上天入地

Book Titles:

  1. Invisible Radiation 看不见的辐射 
  2. Magical Journey of Life on Earth 地球生物的神奇之旅
  3. My Body Organs 我的身体器官
  4. Mysterious Trip in the Digital Kingdom 在数字王国的神秘旅行
  5. The Mysteries of Sleep 睡眠的奥秘
  6. Creatures From Outer Space 外太空生物
  7. Generation of Dream 梦的产生
  8. Elapsed Time 流逝的时间
  9. Journey of Drugs 药物的旅行
  10. Accidental Secret 偶然性的秘密
  11. Sun, Our Star 太阳,我们的恒星
  12. Mysterious Journey to the Poles 神秘的极地行
  13. My Immune System 我的免疫系统
  14. Function of Memory 记忆机能
  15. Climate Change 气候的变化
  16. My Blood 我的血液
  17. One Hundred Trillion Cells 百万亿个细胞
  18. Microbial Mysteries 微生物的奥秘
  19. Magical Water Cycle 神奇的水循环
  20. Hibernation 冬眠
  21. Air Baptism 空中洗礼
  22. Ubiquitous Chemical 无所不在的化学
  23. Observation of The Universe 观察宇宙
  24. The Universe Is Here 宇宙就在这里
  25. Atoms in The Universe 宇宙中的原子
  26. Life of the Star 恒星的生命
  27. Secret of the Light 光的秘密
  28. The Mystery of Gravitation 万有引力的奥秘
  29. What's Inside the Computer 电脑里面有什么
  30. Internet: Interesting Network 互联网:有趣的网

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