Let's-Read-and-Find-Out Science Stage 4 (6 Books)

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This series of books have been published for more than 50 years and enjoy a great reputation around the world. This series of books gradually introduces basic concepts of natural science to kids through vivid pictures and simple language and satisfy kid’s needs to understand the scientific world. 


Sleep is for Everyone Bedtime often seems to come too early, but what would happen if you never went to sleep? When scientists decided to find out, they discovered that your brain needs a rest after a long day of thinking, just as your muscles would need a rest after a long day of work. A different kind of bedtime story, this book is the perfect response to the question ‘Can’t I stay up a little longer?’

2. How a Seed Grows How does a tiny acorn grow into an enormous oak tree? At one time, the tree in your backyard could fit into your pocket! Look inside to learn the simple steps for turning a packet of seeds into you own garden.

Ducks Don't Get Wet Why doesn’t duck get wet? Ducks dip and dive, but they stay dry because they spread oil over their feathers to make them waterproof. Learn more inside and get to know different kind of ducks. Have you ever wondered how ducks spend the whole day in the water and never get wet? Did you know that they can dive 100 feet deep, and still come up dry? Meet ten different kinds of ducks in this classic text featuring stunning new watercolor illustrations and a new "Find out More" page.

Bugs Are Insects This well-written and informative book introduces budding entomologists to the world of insects and bugs. Rockwell offers basic factual information in an interesting, easy-to-read format. Common insects are introduced, and the main differences between insects and spiders are explained as well as what makes a bug a bug. The collage illustrations are beautifully rendered with layered colored papers of a variety of textures that add both depth and details to the creatures. The honeybee looks extremely lifelike with a fuzzy body and legs, and the illustration of a multivalued bird wing butterfly accurately and attractively shows it sucking nectar from a flower. An index identifies the types of insects and other bugs that are found in the book, and some projects are suggested for those interested in learning more about insects.

Snow Is Falling Snow is falling. Snow is wonderful - for sledding, for skiing, and for building snowmen. But did you know that snow can actually keep things warm? Find out how snow helps plants, animals, and people to survive. But when a blizzard blows, watch out! The snow that is so useful can be dangerous too.

Air is All Around You When it's not windy, it can be easy to forget about air. But air is everywhere–it fills your house, your car, and even your empty milk glass. In fact, a regular room holds about 75 pounds of it! This Level 1 book, illustrated with John O'Brien's clever, eye–catching illustrations, tells you how to discover the air that's all around you.



《自然科学启蒙》系列绘本第二辑绘本是由美国海登天文馆馆长弗兰克林. M . 布兰利博士及知名幼教专家罗马· 冈斯主编,联 合数十位插画家历时多年创作而成,已有五十余年出版历史,盛誉全球。本系列共14辑(83册),通过生动形象的图画和浅显易懂的语言,循序渐进地介绍了基 础的自然科学概念,满足孩子对科学世界的好奇心。1~4辑介绍了较为常见和容易理解的自然科学概念,适合3~6岁的孩子阅读。5~14辑进一步探讨了难度 较高的自然科学概念,并加入了需要动手、动脑的延伸阅读内容,适合5~9岁的孩子阅读。  


  • 内容全面:每辑囊括人体、天文、动植物、天气、地质、环境、物理等内容。 
  • 信息丰富:附加需要动手、动脑的延伸阅读内容,帮孩子开拓思维。
  • 专家审核:每册的文字和图片均由该领域专业人士审核。
  • 分级阅读:依文字难易与科学概念的深浅度分为两个阶段:第一至四辑适合3~6岁阅读, 第五至十四辑适合5~9岁阅读。
  • 朗朗上口:语言简练而不失优美,浅显易懂,适合朗读。 








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