The Magic School Bus Series III (16 Books)

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The Magic School Bus is a series of children's books about science which feature the antics of Ms. Valerie Frizzle and her class, who board an anthropomorphic  Type A school bus which takes them on field trips to impossible locations such as the solar system, clouds, the past , and the human body. The books are written in the first person  from the point of view of an unnamed student in "the Friz's" class. The class pet Liz, a Lizard , accompanies the class on their field trips.

Since the Magic School Bus books present scientific facts in the form of stories in which fantastic things happen (for example, a bus turns into a spaceship, or children shrink to the size of blood cells), each book has a page at the end detailing in a humorous manner which parts of the book represented scientific fact and which were fanciful storytelling.



书中我们熟悉的小主人公跟随他们的弗瑞丝老师,带你去浩瀚的宇宙、神秘的大海、丰富多彩的微生物世界进行科学探险……故事情节引人入胜堪比科幻小学,对 话诙谐而又机智俏皮,知识像景点一样散落各处,呈现美不胜收的吸引力。孩子们对科学的兴趣和求知欲以澎湃之势感染着每位读者,而卷毛老师放手让孩子们去探 索,只偶尔启发和补充的学习方式,让人羡慕甚至动容。讲述的过程中,小主人公们的性格特征也一点点凸显出来,多罗茜的职业规划总是某某学家;卡洛斯时不时 来几句冷笑话;阿诺还是有些胆小退缩,但也勇敢地当了回英雄……



  1. The Truth about Bats 探寻蝙蝠
  2. The Search for the Missing Bones 觅骨寻踪
  3. The Wild Whale Watch 怒海赏鲸
  4. Space Explorers 探索宇宙
  5. Twister Trouble 追踪龙卷风
  6. The Giant Germ 走进微生物
  7. The Great Shark Escape 逃离巨鲨
  8. Penguin Puzzle 拜访企鹅
  9. Dinosaur Detectives 恐龙侦探
  10. Insect Invaders 追踪昆虫
  11. Amazing Magnetism 奇妙的磁力
  12. Polar Bear Patrol 巡航北极
  13. Electric Storm 穿越雷电
  14. Voyage to the Volcano 火山之旅
  15. Butterfly Battle 奋飞的蝴蝶
  16. Rocky Road Trip 解密岩石

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