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Careful mother will notice that at certain stage, babies like to pull things and poke holes with their small fingers, when is the critical period for the baby to develop fine movement. This hole book is designed specifically for this end. The stories in the book are structured according to the features of various animals, providing happy games from which baby can learn Chinese. The creativity and wonderful holes,in particular, will not only exercise your baby's fingers, but also stimulate a deep interest in learning!

Together with nursery-rhymes, brilliant and bold colors, simple short story, this high quality baby board book learning series will be fascinating to your kids.

When the babies like to poke holes with their little fingers that means they develop to the key period of meticulous actions. This book integrates pocking games into the recognition of colors, so that they practice their fingers in playing and learning Chinese!

This book series is for Preschool and Kindergarten.

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