Mandy and Pandy Play Let's Count (Book and CD Set)

Chinese for Kids with Mandy and Pandy


 Mandy is a pre-school Chinese girl living in America; she is adorable, happy, curious, energetic, smart, and fun. Mandy likes to hang around with Pandy because he is her friend.

Pandy is a Big Panda a wise, but fun parental figure from China. Pandy combines the best that friends, brothers/sisters, parents, grandparents, teachers, and traditional Chinese and fun American cultures have to offer - these are Pandy s values. This fun parental friend not only teaches Mandy, he guides her and protects her.

Mandy and Pandy Play Let’s Count is the second book in the Mandy & Pandy series. Your kids will start to learn Chinese effortlessly as you read together.  In this Mandy and Pandy adventure you and your preschooler will learn how to count in Chinese from 1 through 10.  At the end you’ll also be rewarded with a cute sing-along-song.  Learning Chinese has never been so much fun!  Don’t worry, thanks to the included audio CD you’ll always have a guide to help you with pronunciation.

What’s Included In Each Book?

Every Mandy and Pandy book includes 18 illustrations printed on high quality board stock paper. Each book also includes an audio CD that narrates the story in both native English and Chinese.

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