Chinese Classical Stories 1 [Hardcover]

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Twenty Chinese classical stories that every Chinese kid know growing up are put together in this beautifully-illustrated bilingual children's collection.

Different types of stories including the famous "Mulan" and fables like "Four Blind Men and an Elephant" share pages with idiom stories like "Mend the Pen after the Sheep are Stolen". Each story is artfully illustrated (the BEST we have seen) with modern aesthetics that are bright, colorful, and inviting to the eyes; they can come in a variety of styles that include watercolor drawings, charcoal pastels, traditional shadow-puppet paper-cuts, water ink paintings, pencil art, comics style, etc. Perfect for parents and teachers who want to stimulate their children in both art and literature. Collect all five.

This is Book 1 of the Collection, it includes the following stories:

  1. Marking a Boat to Recover a Sword

  2. Waiting for Hares to Drop Dead

  3. A Legendary Musical Friendship

  4. The Legend of Hua Mulan

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