A Big Cake (Book + CD-ROM)

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Read a story, enjoy the pictures, and learn Chinese. Liliy’s Wonderland tells the stories of a lovely little girl named Lily in 20 short illustrated picture books. The whole series features simple words, interesting plots and beautiful pictures. Furthermore, children can improve their language competence.

Each book with an interesting story to tell about a little girl named Lily. The books are written in simple languages and have colorful pictures, which help readers to understand the story. Word cards and some exercises are provided to reinforce the learning; the children are encouraged to retell the story by themselves. Suitable for young readers under the age of 10. A CD-ROM is included for each book. In simplified Chinese characters and pinyin with a one page English translation at the end of the book.

Features of the Chinese Picture Book series:
- Question. Children can fully open up a world of imagination to make up their own fantastic stories following the clues of questions.

- English translation. Children accurately understand the general ideas of the stories through idiomatic English.

- Pinyin. Children can simply read out stories with the help of pinyin.

- Eight-box comic. Children can easily retell story and design new story dialogues with the plot hints given by comics.

- Word cards. The book combines vivid pictures and illustrative words perfectly. Children can collect cards and then play a word-guessing game with friends, enlarging their vocabulary in the game.

- Interactive audio-visual CD-ROM. Children can listen to the story and watch animated cartoons to learn about the story without parents and teachers.

《中文故事绘丽丽的幻想世界 》内容简介:中文故事,读故事,看绘本,学中文,丽丽的幻想世界通过20个绘本小故事,集中展示了可 爱的小女孩丽丽的生活幻想,文字浅显,情节有趣,绘画精美,整套书充满了童趣与童真。不仅如此,灵活地运用绘本中设计的各种元素,孩子们的语言能力也就在 潜移默化中提高了。








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