My Science Stories Volume II (10 Books)

Peking University Press


My Science Stories series has 20 books, introducing interesting scientific knowledge about animals, plants as well as natural and daily life phenomena. Featuring simple language, interesting stories and fine illustrations, the books are useful reading materials for Chinese language learners.

A CD-ROM is attached to each book.




11 Powerful Ants小蚂蚁有力气
12 Tooth Fairy换牙
13 Traffic Lights红绿灯的作用
14 Mustache of a Cat 小猫的胡子
15 Is the Moon Following Me月亮走我也走
16 Rabbits Ear小兔的耳朵
17 Eat More Vegetables多吃蔬菜
18 Recycle回收垃圾
19 Falling Leaves落叶
20 Little Pandas Secret 小熊猫蹭墙的秘

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