Go! Chinese Textbook Level 600 (Simpliflied Chinese Character)

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The 8-level program is divided into two series: Beginner and Intermediate. The Beginner Series (Go100 – 400) provides a solid foundation for continued study of the Intermediate Series (Go500 – 800). The Beginner Series equips students with vocabulary and common expressions for everyday interactions in Chinese, while the Intermediate Series places more emphasis on cultural comparison, self-expression and opinion exchange. Each level includes a student text, a workbook, and a companion CD-ROM. Complimentary instructors’ resources are available online. 

Intermediate Series: Go500 – Go800

  • Develops students’ four language skills while imparting cultural knowledge through the assimilation of cultural information in each topic
  • Incorporates topics relevant to students’ everyday lives such as family, school, community, friends, personal interests, sports and festive activities;
  • Integrates a wide variety of communicative activities such as role play, interview, and games to allow students to practice using the language in meaningful contexts;
  • The companion CD-ROM features audio recordings of the reading passages, word games, quizzes, and Chinese typing exercises to improve students’ listening, pronunciation, pinyin, and word recognition;
  • Students will acquire approximately 1,000 Chinese characters and 2,400 common phrases upon completion of the Beginner and Intermediate series.
Table of Contents :  

Lesson 1    Stories behind Pictures 照片的故事

Lesson 2    My Idol 我的偶像

Lesson 3    Good Neighbors 好邻居

Lesson 4    Having an Argument 吵架了

Lesson 5    Safety in School 校园安全

Lesson 6    Which Continent are you From? 你从哪一洲来?

Lesson 7    At the Sale 拍卖会

Lesson 8    Fun with Chinese Characters 来玩中国字

Lesson 9    Festivals of Gratitude 感恩的节日

Lesson 10   Sunny's Problem 以晴的烦恼

Vocabulary  Index

Appendix   The Twenty-Four Chinese Solar Terms 二十四节气

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