Morning Graded Readers - Intermediate level 3 (5 Books / DVD)

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Morning is a picture book series for kids at the beginning level in Chinese learning with emphasis on kids' cognitive and comprehensive development. With enticing stories, melodious chants, diversified parents-children activities and vivid 3D cartoons, Morning, as a series of family readers, inspires kids' imagination through all kinds of reading experiences and helps them enjoy the fun of Chinese learning.

Intermediate level (20 books): emphasizes on characters and words, and encourages kids to understand the relationships among pictures, characters and pronunciations.

《早上好》是针对海外儿童汉语学习者的多媒体系列读物。全系列包括52册《早上好》点读书,分为初、 中、高三个级别。其中,中级20册,分成4个阅读包,每个阅读包包含5册图书和一张DVD光盘。每册图书的内容包括家长导读、彩图故事、字词表、儿歌、练 习、游戏和填色等七个部分。DVD光盘的内容是根据5册图书的故事制作的5段三维动画。


 Book Title:

  1. Where Are You From 你从哪里来
  2. We Will Send You Home 我们送你回家
  3. Thank You 谢谢你们
  4. Carrot Planting 种胡萝卜
  5. My Dream 我的理想

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