After the Accident (w/CD)

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One winter night, a teacher was on her way home. Suddendly she fell down from her bicycle in front of a car. The driver stopped his car right away and brought the teacher to a hospital nearby.

“The patient’s name, please?” “What’s the problem?” “Are you her relative?” … The nurse asked quite a few questions. But the driver answered nothing. He then quicly disappeared.…

In the end, however, the teacher still saw the driver.

目录 Contents

1.医院的电话 A call from the hospital
2.时间过得很慢 Time passed slowly
3,王老师能醒过来吗? Can Professor Wang wake up?
4.请护工 Looking for a hospital attendant
5.护工小石 The hospital attendant Xiao Shi
6.王老师会变成植物人吗? Will Professor Wang become vegetative?
7.小石的家 Xiao Shi’s family
8.病房里的生活 Life in the patient ward
9.学生来看王老师 Professor Wang’s students come to see her
10.原来还有故事 That is how it has been
生词索引Vocabulary index
练习 Exercises
练习答案 Answer keys to the exercises

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