Morning Graded Readers - Elementary Level Set (20 Books / DVD)

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Morning is a Chinese language learning course for children specially designed for zero-level kids of their Chinese learning and integrates cognitive thinking skills training and language learning. It selects the most commonly used phrases and simple sentences in children life, focusing on language repetition and re-appearance. Each course has a clear topic such as invitation, apologize, and encouragement, etc. and covers specific word groups such as color, food, plants, and sports, etc. The leading characters are frog, crocodile, parrot, rabbit, duck, and dog.

The elementary level has 20 books and introduces 100 words with simple stories, rhymes, games and more.

外研社点读书:早上好(初级)(套装共20册)》是专门为零起点的幼儿汉语学习者设计的、集认知思维能力培养和语言内容学习为一体的儿童汉语学习课 程。选取儿童生活中最常用的词语和简单句子,以认知培养和拼音认读贯穿全系列始终,注重语言的重复和复现。系列中的每一课都各有一个明确的主题(如邀请、 道歉、鼓励等),涵盖特定的词群(如颜色、食物、植物、运动等),主要形象一共6个:青蛙、鳄鱼、鹦鹉、兔子、小鸭和小狗。这不仅仅是对清晨阳光下的花朵 们一声亲切的问候,而且是——专门为学龄前儿童设计的儿童汉语学习系列产品。《早上好》通过简单易懂的故事、琅琅上口的儿歌和丰富多彩的亲子活动,全面激 发孩子的潜能,加强孩子对汉语语音的感知,提高孩子的汉字认知能力。每部含5本书和一张DVD.

  1. Dad And Mom Love You Guys《爸爸妈妈爱你们》
  2. I Am Hungry 《我饿了》
  3. Sibling《哥哥姐姐弟弟妹妹》
  4. My Family《我的一家》
  5. What Should I Eat?《吃什么好呢》
  6. What Are You Doing?《你在干什么》
  7. Red, Yellow, Blue and Green《红黄蓝绿》
  8. Spring Is Here《春天来了》
  9. This Is My Rope《这是我的绳子》
  10.  Good Friend《好朋友》
  11. What Is This Sound?《这是什么声音》
  12. It Hurts!《好疼呀》
  13. Strawberry Picking 《采草莓》
  14. Flying To The Space《我飞到太空了》
  15. My Super Mama 《我的超级妈妈》
  16. Finding the Cloud 《我去找云朵》
  17. Sports Competition 《运动会》
  18. Picnic《野餐》
  19. Hide And Seek《躲猫猫》
  20. I Have A Star《我有一颗星星》

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