Learning to Get Along Series -- Picture Books On Shaping Children's Mental Health and Personality (15 Books with Pinyin)

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It is known as the parents' must-read tutorial,guiding for parents to learn how to educate kids first,then the parents will be able to teach their kids,with the practical examples in life this book supplied, how to communicate with people,how to develop the good way to get along with people,how to cultivate healthy psychology and shape a perfect personality.

All characters come with Pinyin, which make it easier for children to read. An added bonus is an extra section at the end of the book for parents to fill with extension activities. Also it is a wonderful resource for a classroom teacher to support the emotional and social growth of young children and to reinforce appropriate behavior. 

《长大我最棒系列(套装共15册)》用先进的儿童技能教育理念,细腻逼真的实际生活场景、丰富多样的语言表达、具体的生活实例。还有精心设计的儿童心理培 训游戏,可供老师和家长对孩子进行指导、互动、实践的内容。内文加注拼音帮助孩子们更容易学习、理解并学习与人交往和情绪控制的EQ技能。因此,这套书不 仅非常适合儿童在家长的引导下学习,它也适合于学前教育机构或学校的使用。
  1. Be Polite and Kind 礼貌和友善
  2. Listen and Learn 倾听和学习
  3. Understand and Care 理解和关爱他人
  4. Share and Take Turns 学会分享
  5. Reach Out and Give 帮助和给予
  6. Try and Stick with it 尝试和坚持
  7. Be Honest and Tell the Truth 诚实和坦率
  8. Join in and Play 加入和一起玩耍
  9. Respect and Take Care of Things 爱护和管理物品
  10. Talk and Work it Out 沟通和解决问题
  11. Cool Down and Worked Through Anger 冷静和平息怒气
  12. Know and Follow Rules 懂得和遵守规则
  13. Be Careful and Stay Safe 注意安全
  14. When I Feel Afraid 克服恐惧
  15. Accept and Value Each Person 接纳和认同他人

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