If I didn't have You (w/CD)

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Xiaoming is a pickpocket. He is really good at stealing. But he only steals from rich people. But he only steals from rich people. He never touches those who are poor, and doesn't let other thieves steal from poor people either.

Xia Yu is a college freshman. She lost her purse at a railway station. Xiaoming got the purse back for her from the thief. Another time, a thief stole an old woman's wallet on a bus. Xiaoming stole the wallet back from the thief and put into the lady's jacket unobserved. More surprisingly, when Xiaoming is falling in love with Xia Yu, he lands into a big trouble after stealing from a very rich man.

Will Xiaoming the pickpocket win the love of Xia Yu, a pretty college student?

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