Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1 (Mandarin Chinese Edition)

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part I is a brooding, slower-paced film than its predecessors, the result of being just one half of the final story (the last book in the series was split into two movies, released in theaters eight months apart). Because the penultimate film is all buildup before the final showdown between the teen wizard and the evil Voldemort (which does not occur until The Deathly Hallows, Part II), Part I is a road-trip movie, a heist film, a lot of exposition, and more weight on its three young leads, who up until now were sufficiently supported by a revolving door of British thesps throughout the series. Now that all the action takes place outside Hogwarts--no more Potions classes, Gryffindor scarves, or Quidditch matches--Daniel Radcliffe (Harry), Emma Watson (Hermione), and Rupert Grint (Ron) shoulder the film almost entirely on their own. After a near-fatal ambush by Voldemort's Death Eaters, the three embark on a quest to find and destroy the remaining five horcruxes (objects that store pieces of Voldemort's soul). Fortunately, as the story gets more grave--and parents should be warned, there are some scenes too frightening or adult for young children--so does the intensity.

《哈利•波特与死亡圣器(上)》讲述了由哈利、罗恩和赫敏动身去执行危险的任务——追查并摧毁能让伏地魔永生并危害世界的秘密,这个秘密就是魂器。期间, 这三个伙伴必须互相依靠,密切配合……然而伏地魔的军队使他们失散。于此同时,魔法世界变成了一个危险的地方。人们一直以来担心的战争终于爆发,伏地魔控 制了魔法部,甚至控制了霍格沃茨,其余反对他的人不是被恐吓就是被逮捕。天选之子哈利被食死徒追杀,伏地魔下令要将他生擒。


哈 利、罗恩与赫敏接受危险任务作为开始,他们需要追踪和寻找到伏地魔的秘密,并摧毁他。而这个时候,校长邓布利多已经离开了他们,他们只有彼此,这同时也应 和了导演所讲的:考验友情的一部电影。另一方面,魔法的世界已经被黑暗势力所笼罩,伏地魔甚至占领了霍格沃茨,把一切有危险的异端都抓起来进行威胁,而他 们最终的目标则是:哈利•波特。而哈利的唯一希望就是在伏地魔抓到他之前,找到魂器。他在被出卖与被营救中逃亡,并寻找着线索,直到终于想起那个被遗忘许 久的死亡圣器的传说,如果那个传说是真的,那么一切就回到最初,哈利出生的时候,曾被称为“the Boy Who Lived”,而今他不仅仅是一个男孩,他终于接近了命运赋予他的任务——从他进入霍格沃茨起就开始准备的任务:与伏地魔终极开战!

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