Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Mandarin Chinese Edition)

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The latest entry in the Harry Potter saga could be retitled Fast Times at Hogwarts, where finding a date to the winter ball is nearly as terrifying as worrying about Lord Voldemort's return. Thus, the young wizards' entry into puberty opens up a rich mining field to balance out the dark content in the fourth movie (and the stories are only going to get darker). Mike Newell handily takes the directing reins and eases his young cast through awkward growth spurts into true young actors. Harry (Daniel Radcliffe, more sure of himself) has his first girl crush on fellow student Cho Chang (Katie Leung), and has his first big fight with best bud Ron (Rupert Grint). Meanwhile, Ron's underlying romantic tension with Hermione (Emma Watson) comes to a head over the winter ball, and when she makes one of those girl-into-woman Cinderella entrances, the boys' reactions indicate they've all crossed a threshold.
But don't worry, there's plenty of wizardry and action in Goblet of Fire. When the deadly Triwizard Tournament is hosted by Hogwarts, Harry finds his name mysteriously submitted (and chosen) to compete against wizards from two neighboring academies, as well as another Hogwarts student. The competition scenes are magnificently shot, with much-improved CGI effects (particularly the underwater challenge). And the climactic confrontation with Lord Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes, in a brilliant bit of casting) is the most thrilling yet.

《哈利·波特与火焰杯》讲述了哈利·波特的名字从火焰杯中冉冉升起,这意味着他被选中去参加三所魔法学校之间的一场激烈比赛——大名鼎鼎的魁地奇三强争霸 赛。可是,哈利从来没有竞选参加这场比赛,是谁把他的名字投入侯选人名单的呢?事到如今,哈利只好面对一条恶龙、一群凶残的水鬼以及一座被施了魔法的迷 宫,发现原来自己已经陷入了那个连名字都不能提起的恶魔的魔掌之中……


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