Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Mandarin Chinese Edition)

The fifth Harry Potter film has arrived. Starting off from the dark and tragic ending of the fourth film, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix begins in a somber and angst-filled tone that carries through the entire 138 minutes (the shortest of any HP movie despite being adapted from the longest book). Hopes of winning the Quidditch Cup have been replaced by woes like government corruption, distorted media spin, and the casualties of war. As the themes have matured, so have the primary characters' acting abilities. Ron, Hermione, and especially Harry are more convincing than ever--in roles that are more demanding. Harry is deeply traumatized from having witnessed Cedric Diggory's murder, but he will soon find that this was just another chapter in the continuing loss he will endure. Lord Voldemort has returned and, in an attempt to conceal this catastrophe from the wizarding public, the Ministry of Magic has teamed up with the wizard newspaper The Daily Prophet to smear young Potter and wise Dumbledore --seemingly the only two people in the public eye who believe the Dark Lord has returned. With no one else to stand against the wicked Death Eaters, the Hogwarts headmaster is forced to revive his secret anti-Voldemort society, the Order of the Phoenix. In the meantime, a semi-psychotic bureaucrat from the Ministry has seized power at Hogwarts, and Harry is forced to form a secret society of his own--lest the other young wizards at his school be left ill-equipped to defend themselves in the looming war between good and evil. In addition, Harry is filled with an inexplicable rage that only his Godfather Sirius seems to be able to understand.

《哈利·波特与凤凰社》讲述了哈利波特5中,少年巫师哈利重返霍格华兹魔法学校,开始了他第五年的学习生活。他发现魔法学校的年轻学生们频频遭遇伏地魔, 而整个巫师社会却施口否认他的归来,装聋作哑,视而不见。魔法部的部长康奈利·福吉(Cornelius Fudge)担心德高望重的校长阿不思-邓布利多(Albus Dumbledore)谎称伏地魔复活的消息,是为了破坏自己的权威进而取代自己的位置,所以委派一位新的抵御黑魔法的教师监视邓不利多和霍格华兹学生的 一举一动。但是德洛丽丝·乌姆里奇(Dolores Umbridge)教授的抵御黑魔法课程并没有起到多大作用,年轻巫师们面对威胁他们和整个巫师社会的黑暗力量时仍旧束手无策,危险重重,所以哈利在好友 赫敏和罗恩的帮助下,开始了自己的行动。他与一小群自称“邓布利多之军”的学生秘密会晤后,教会他们如何抵御黑魔法,为横亘在将来的特殊战斗做准备。

对 决一触即发!伏地魔回来了,然而魔法学校却尽力想隐瞒真相——包括新任命多洛雷斯·乌姆奇教授为霍格沃茨魔法学校的学生们教黑魔法防御术。当乌姆里奇拒绝 传授实用的防御术时,赫敏和罗恩说服了哈利,秘密地训练一群学生,为即将到来的魔法斗争做准备。在这部根据J.K.罗琳《哈利·波特》系列第五部小说改编 的引人入胜的影片中,一场可怕的正义与邪恶之间的对决即将上演……准备好战斗吧!

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