The Jungle Book 2 (Mandarin Chinese Edition)

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Disney original classic - Mandarin Chinese Edition.

After a delightful opening, in which jungle boy Mowgli (voiced by Haley Joel Osment) recaps much of the original Jungle Book in a sprightly shadow puppet show, The Jungle Book 2 swiftly turns into a carbon copy of the splendidly swinging previous movie. After his old pal Baloo the bear (voiced by John Goodman) draws Mowgli away from the man-village, with all its work and rules, and back into the glorious indolence of the jungle, the movie repeats--in a less energetic form--an encounter with Kaa the snake, the cockney vultures, a musical number at the monkey's palace, the menace of Shere Khan the tiger, and even the song "The Bare Necessities." The only difference is that there's a girl named Shanti along for the ride; sadly, her character is so bland that it doesn't do much to justify the movie's existence. --Bret Fetzer / Amazon Walt Disney s jumpin jungle classic continues in this Special Edition of The Jungle Book 2 with all your favorite characters from the original, toe-tappin classic and more swingin songs! Mowgli has been living in the man-village with his little step-brother Ranjan and his best friend Shanti. But the man-cub still has that jungle rhythm in his heart, and he misses his old buddies Baloo and Bagheera. When Mowgli wanders back to the wild for some swingin fun, he soon finds Baloo isn t the only one waiting for him the man-eating tiger Shere Kahn is lurking in the shadows and planning his revenge. If he is to defeat his nemesis, Mowgli will need the help of both his old friends and his new family. With an all-new Mowgli s Storybook Adventure Game, music videos and more, The Jungle Book 2: Special Edition will have the whole family roaring for more!

《森林王子2》讲述离开熟悉的森林后,毛克力在人类的小村庄里过得并不开心。他总在心里听到来自森林的呼唤,于是决定偷偷回去跟老友熊老爸、黑豹巴希拉及 小象玩个痛快。可事情并没有那么简单,重新回到森林的毛克力正面临着危险。而一向奸险的老虎谢利对毛克力虎视眈眈,正在酝酿一场复仇计划。毛克力的老朋友 熊老爸等一群朋友能帮助毛克力逃出谢利的魔爪吗?

01 删减片段:9分24秒
02 游戏与活动
03 迪士尼后台
04 音乐与其他

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