Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure (Mandarin Chinese Edition)

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Disney original classic - Mandarin Chinese Edition.

The tale of Disneys favorite fairy, Tinker Bell, continues in an all-new magical adventure beyond Pixie Hollow! Discover how the Pixies make their magic dust! Let your imagination soar as Autumn comes to Pixie Hollow. Take off in a hot air balloon with Tinker Bell and her new friend Blaze, a lightning bug who lights her way, on an enchanting secret journey to find a new moonstone, the source of the Pixies mystical dust. But hold on tight! There ll be amazing encounters, some close calls, and a daring rescue by her old friend Terence! In her biggest adventure yet, Tinker Bell not only learns a lesson in responsibility, she discovers the true meaning of friendship. From the creators of Tinker Bell, Tinker Bell And The Lost Treasure is a captivating journey of self-discovery everyone will want to take.

《奇妙仙子与失落的宝藏》是迪士尼制作的奇妙仙子系列的第二部作品。奇妙仙子为了让仙子世界的神木恢复生气,决定亲手完成一件奇幻珍宝,她的朋友泰伦斯想 帮忙,但固执的奇妙仙子却不愿意,结果奇幻珍宝却意外弄坏了,也让奇妙仙子和特伦斯友情生变。奇妙仙子决定前往梦幻岛的北方,寻找可以使珍宝复原的方法, 然而在这趟旅途当中,奇妙仙子却发现了一件更为珍贵的无价之宝……《奇妙仙子与失落的宝藏》带你走入神秘旅程。




01 特别收录短片:小精灵谷的魔幻导航

02 NG片段片段 4分05秒

03 迪士尼后台:小精灵谷出现在迪士尼世界里 8分19秒

04 音乐与其他:“朋友的礼物”音乐录影带 3分25秒

04 迪伦与寇尔史普洛兹:蓝光真棒 4分45秒

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