Our Geese Have Gone (w/CD)

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Twenty-five years ago, people in my village did not know that wild geese should be under protection from hunting. Among the hunters, my grandpa was the best. He brought the geese he shot back to town and sold them to pay for my schooling.

However, grandpa did not shoot one single goose on that day. It was all because of the vigilant lead goose in the flock. But at the moment when the flock was flying away, an eagle came. The eagle was hungry for young geese and pounced on one!The lead goose fought and fought with the eagle. But the eagle was too strong, and the lead goose was injured.

Without hesitation, grandpa repelled the eagle away. He brought the wounded lead goose home and took good care of it. Before long, the lead goose´s mate flew over to join him in our home. Grandpa, the best hunter of wild geese, now had two goose friends…

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