Tinker Bell (Mandarin Chinese Edition)

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Disney original classic - Mandarin Chinese Edition.

A vibrant look at the magical world of fairies and the wonder of the changing seasons, Tinker Bell is the captivating story of one of Disney's most beloved fairies. Pixie Hollow is a land where fairies constantly create and improve upon the beauty of the four seasons and prepare to bring the changing seasons to the mainland. When Tinker Bell is born, she discovers she is destined to be a Tinker fairy; one who invents gadgets to help fairies do their jobs more efficiently, but she is disappointed with her supporting role and yearns for a more impressive job. While her fellow fairies assure her that she plays a vital role in the arrival of spring, Tinker Bell shuns her calling and attempts to become something she's not. In the end, Tinker Bell's efforts cause a disaster that threatens to delay or even cancel the coming of spring and only inspiration and a firm belief in her own strengths can lead Tinker Bell to fulfill her destiny and save spring.

《奇妙仙子》看看你对仙子们的了解有多少?金粉?魔力?……不,远远不止这些,仙子们负责大自然的四季交替,颜色变换,风霜雪雨等等,仙子们与生俱来有着 各种各样的才艺。仙子王国的四季花开放时刻就是仙子们要为陆地带来春天的时候,仙子们是否能顺利的将春天准时带到陆呢?继《小飞侠》和《小飞侠重返梦幻 岛》之后,伴随着初生婴儿的笑声,与奇妙仙子一起来仙子王国揭开这其中的奥秘吧!


01 到精灵谷的神奇向导

02 曾经想过4分钟

03 FLY TO YOUR HEART赛琳娜•戈麦斯演唱MV 3分15秒


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