Toy Story 2 (Mandarin Chinese Edition)

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Pixar's original classic - Mandarin Chinese Edition.

Andy heads off to cowboy camp leaving his toys to their own devices. Things shift into high gear when an obsessive toy collector named Al McWhiggin (owner of Al's Toy Barn) kidnaps Woody. At Al's apartment, Woody discovers that he is a highly valued collectible from a 1950s TV show called Woody's Roundup, and he meets the other prized toys from that show, Jessie the Cowgirl, Bullseye the Horse, and Stinky Pete the Prospector. Back at the scene of the crime, Buzz Lightyear and the other toys from Andy's room, Mr. Potato Head, Slinky Dog, Rex and Hamm spring into action to rescue their pal from winding up as a museum piece. The toys get into one predicament after another in their daring race to get Woody before Andy returns.

《玩具总动员2》讲述了小主人安弟去参加夏令营,众玩具朋友齐齐出动。一个对玩具极度痴迷的收藏家艾尔绑架了胡迪,带回储藏室,胡迪结识了一群搞鬼风趣的 家伙;玩具马红心,唱歌女牛仔翠丝、邋遢矿工彼特,也揭开了自己身世之谜。此时艾尔决定把他们卖给一家玩具博物馆。于是巴斯光年率领众玩具开始了寻找胡迪 的冒险行动。



01 NG片段 5分28秒 配音:英语(DD2.0)/国语(DD5.1);字幕:中文(简体)/无字幕

02 “你是哪个玩具?”游戏

03 日本儿童节目邦奇奇 配音:日语(DD2.0)

04 角色访问 2分4秒 配音:英语(DD2.0);字幕:中文(简体)/无字幕

05 国际化场景 1分47秒 英语(DD2.0);字幕:中文(简体)/无字幕

06 “玩具总动员2”制作幕后花絮 8分9秒 英语(DD2.0);字幕:中文(简体)/无字幕

07 约翰拉萨特介绍 3分4秒 英语(DD2.0);字幕:中文(简体)/无字幕

08 被剪掉的片段 4分11秒 英语(DD2.0);字幕:中文(简体)/无字幕

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