Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs (Mandarin Chinese Edition)

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Walt Disney's original classic - Mandarin Chinese Edition.

No film in history has captured the worlds imagination like Walt Disneys first full-length animated masterpiece. experience this timeless classic in its most spectacular presentation ever! With an all-new, state-of-the-art digital restoration and Disney Enhanced High Definition sound, the breathtaking animation and unforgettable music of the most revered Disney film of all time will enthrall you like never before!

Join the beautiful princess Snow White as she escapes her jealous stepmother, the queen, and befriends a lovable group of dwarfs. But when she falls under the queens wicked spell, only true loves kiss can save her.

《白雪公主和七个小矮人》讲述白雪公主因为可爱美丽而被其继母皇后妒忌,气急败坏的她下令武士将白雪公主带到森林里处决了,好心的武士放走了白雪公主。夜 晚,森林里的七个小矮人收留了无家可归的白雪公主。而当皇后得知白雪公主还没死时,她又化妆成了一个老婆婆,带着毒苹果去找白雪公主。最终白雪公主在森林 鸟兽及七个小矮人的帮助下逃过了一劫,与真爱的王子过着幸福的生活,皇后则自食其果摔死于山崖下。


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