Mulan (Mandarin Chinese Edition)

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Now you can enjoy this classic movie in mandarin Chinese!

The story source is a Chinese fable about a young girl who disguises herself as a man to help her family and her country. When the Huns attack China, a call to arms goes out to every village, and Mulan's father, being the only man in the family, accepts the call. Mulan has just made a disastrous appearance at the Matchmaker and decides to challenge society's expectations (being a bride). She steals her father's conscription notice, cuts her hair, and impersonates a man to join the army. She goes to boot camp, learning to fit in with the other soldiers with some help from her sidekick, Mushu, a wise-cracking dragon. She trains, and soon faces the Huns eye-to-eye to protect her Emperor.

《花木兰》有令人捧腹大笑的幽默剧情,还有气势万千的战争场面!故事主角花木兰是个很有主见的女孩,虽然一直想做一个能让父母引以为傲的女儿,但是她大而 化之的个性却令父母失望。有一天,父亲接到征兵诏书,木兰不愿年迈的父亲奔波沙场,便毅然代父从军。木兰的孝心感动了祖先,特别派遗具有小小神力的木须龙 沿路保护她。经过严厉的军旅生涯,木兰摇身一变成为胆识过人、英勇机智的沙场英雄,更在紧要关头智取单于,为国家带来胜利,也为她的家人带来荣耀。


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