Secrets of the Heavenly Book

Shanghai Animation Film Studio


Yuan Gong, the deacon of the Mi Shu Ge in the heaven, opened the shrine and took the holy book to human's world. Furthermore he carved the contents of the book on the stone wall of Bai Yun Dong (White Cloud Cave) in Yun Meng Mountain. Yuan Gong therefore was penalized to guard  the carved stone book for life by Jade Emperor for his breaking the heaven law and betraying the holy secret to human. In order to pass this holy book to human beings, he asked Dan Sheng to copy the book from the wall to paper. However, the plague was part of the plot by the Evil Fox, so he stolen the book from Dan as a retaliation, When Yuan Gong returned back to the Mountain, he found Dan was fighting with the Fox trying to take back the book. Doubtlessly, Yuan Gong's arrival helped Dan to win the fight. The Evil Fox was then pressed under the Yun Meng Mountain.

天宫“秘书阁”执事人员袁公私取天书下凡,因泄露天机,触犯了天条,玉帝罚他终身看守石壁天书。为了将天 书传于人间,他嘱咐蛋生等白云洞口香炉升起彩烟,拓下洞中石壁上的天书。狐狸精恨蛋生妨碍其作恶,耍阴谋窃去天书,勾结官府,继续祸害百姓。蛋生追索天 书,与狐狸精多次斗法……

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