The Fishing Child

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After the Opium War, imperialists occupied China’s harbors and prohibited Chinese fishermen from fishing. Complaints of fishermen were heard everywhere. To earn a living, one night, an old fisherman ventured through the blockade line and went fishing in the mist of strong wind and pressing waves. However, he caught no fish but a white jade fish jar engraved with a fisher boy. The old man returned home disappointingly and put the fish-jar on the table. When it came to the mid night, the painted fisher boy jumped out of the fish jar and started fishing from the jar with his fishing rod, conjuring a lot of very large pearls. When the old fisherman woke up, he was surprised at the scene and came to know that the fish jar was a treasure.




  八仙与跳蚤》 八仙过海制服了巨龙,八仙住店后却奈何不了一只小小的跳蚤。


  • 语  言:国语
  • 字  幕:中文
  • 音频格式:杜比数码音效
  • 地  区:大陆
  • 碟片品质:单面单层
  • 碟片数/碟层数 :1
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