Where is Mother

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In spring, many little tadpoles swim to and fro in the water. Seeing a group of chickens embracing their mother affectionately on the bank, they begin to look for their own mother. With the help of an "uncle shrimp", goldfish, crab and turtle, they finally find a frog -- their beloved mother. This ink painting animation which is only 14 minutes long is well known all over the world as the Chinese unique ink painting is for the first time used in the single-line brush animation. Nearly every scene is a beautiful ink painting.

春天,池塘里出现了许多小蝌蚪,它们在水里游呀游。看到岸边的小鸡跟着它们的妈妈很亲热,小蝌蚪们十分羡慕,于是决定去寻找自己的妈妈。它们碰到虾 公公,忙向它打听妈妈的模样。虾公公告诉它们:“你们的妈妈有两只大眼睛。”小蝌蚪们遇见长着两只大眼睛的金鱼,高兴得忙叫“妈妈”。金鱼说:“你们的妈 妈有个白肚皮。”小蝌蚪们看到螃蟹是白肚皮,又高兴地叫“妈妈”。螃蟹说:“你们的妈妈只有四条腿。”小蝌蚪们见乌龟有四条腿,又围上去叫“妈妈”。旁边 的小乌龟着急地说:“她是我的妈妈,妈妈和孩子长得一样嘛!”小蝌蚪们只好往前游,看见鲶鱼长得很像它们自己,又拥上去叫“妈妈”。鲶鱼张开大口吓唬它 们。这时正巧青蛙妈妈赶来了。小蝌蚪们终于找到了自己的妈妈。


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