Lotus Lantern

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A popular cartoon film in China, this traditional folktales tells the story of San Sheng Mu. Sheng Mu was a goddess in the heavenly palace who fell in love with a young human scholar and gave birth to Chen Xiang. Their marriage was strongly denied by the god Er Lang Shen, the elder brother of the goddess. He imprisons her under Mount Huashan and wrests away her magical lotus lantem. Chen Xiang, when informed of his mother's tragic story, sets out to save his mother by any means possible. His perseverance and eloquence finally convinced Sun Wu Kong, the sacred warrior, to join him in the battle against the vicious god. At the decisive moment, the lantern appears suddenly and its brilliance kills all the tricks of the god. The lantern is returned to the liberated mother and harmony is restored with the reunification of mother, son, and the lotus lantern.


年幼的沉香先后失去了父母,并被二朗神逼迫生活在天宫里。当沉香从土地神口中得知母亲为了自己,剿除了宝 莲灯,并被压在华山底下后,决意要救出母亲。在嘎妹的帮助下,沉香夺回了宝莲灯,逃离了天宫,踏上寻母之路。孙悟空被沉香执着的精神所感动,在他的指点 下,沉香带着小猴和白龙马直奔火山,推倒了二郎神的神像,铸成了神斧。沉香举起神斧,与二郎神决一死战,在激战中,二郎神屡施毒计,欲将沉香置于死地,在 这千钧一发之际,宝莲灯忽然发出了金光。沉香是否能战胜二郎神呢?请看DVD《宝莲灯》。

所获奖项:1999年,第十九届中国电影金鸡奖“最佳美术片奖”,2000年 1999年度中国电影华表奖“优秀美术片奖”,2001年第九届中国电影童牛奖“优秀美术片奖”

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