Calabash Brothers

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Legend has it that two demons were jailed in the Calabash Mountains, one a Scorpion spirit and the other a Snake spirit. One day, a pangolin happens to drill a hole on the slope and the two spirits escape from the cave, causing grave harm to the nearby residents. The pangolin hurries to an old man and says that only by growing calabashes in seven colors can they annihilate the spirits. So the old man spares no time in growing seven calabashes, each a different color of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, and purple.


传说葫芦山里关着蝎子精和蛇精。一只穿山甲不小心打穿了山洞,两个妖精逃了出来。老汉在穿山甲的指引下, 得到了宝葫芦籽,种出了红、橙、黄、绿、青、蓝、紫七个大葫芦。宝葫芦成熟落地成为小男孩,各具异能。他们一个接一个迫不及待地去与妖精拼斗,却一一被妖 精抓住弱点,各个击破。最终7个葫芦娃,齐心协力与妖精展开殊死拼搏,并打败妖精,把他们收进宝葫芦里。

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