The Magic Aster

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Based on the classic children's drama of the same name, this animation is about a magic flower that helps people who are brave. Recalling Chinese stories where hard work leads to happiness, it features hardworking Xiao Lan who is happily married to the god of flowers, Ma Lang. Then, greedy Old Cat tries to get the jealous sister Da Lan to kill Xiao Lan, in order to get the magic Malan Flower. Fortunately, the magic takes over and the flower comes into bloom to protect Xiao Lan.

很久前,马兰山在神奇的马兰花的庇护下,成为人类和动植物的快乐家园。马兰花的守护神马郎意外救起上山采药坠崖的王老爹,邂逅并爱上了王老爹的女儿 小兰。小兰的孪生姐姐大兰向往马兰花能带来的物质享受,对小兰心生嫉妒。对马兰花觊觎已久的藤妖利用大兰的虚荣心,盗取了马兰花,欲独霸马兰山:然而,马 兰花永远只为勤劳善良的人们绽放,在大家齐心协力的帮助下,马郎、小兰最终战胜了藤妖,大兰、老猫也迷途知返,马兰山恢复了和谐与欢乐。

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