The Legend of Nezha Vol I (4DVDs)

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The Legend of Nezha, animated cartoon series Produced by CCTV / 52 episodes / 4 DVDs Collection

Audio: Mandarin

Subtitles: Chinese

The Legend of Nezha Nezha is the name of a Chinese mythological figure, a child warrior deity. Nezha's exploits are told in many stories, most notably in the Creation of the Gods from the Ming dynasty, where they form the basis of at least three chapters. The Birth of Nezha Nezha was the third son of Li Jing, a military officer who commanded the garrison at Chentang Pass under the last ruler, the most notorious tyrant Zhou, of the Shang dynasty. Nezha's birth was a miracle story in itself. After giving birth to his elder brothers Jinzha and Muzha, Nezha's mother Yin Shi bore him in her womb for three and a half years, until one night when she had a strange dream in which a Taoist rushed directly into their bedroom. "Hurry, Madame, and receive this excellent baby," the Taoist called her, and threw something at her belly. Greatly startled, she woke up and quickly woke her husband. Soon afterwards, she felt pains in her belly and gave birth to a fleshy ball with two maidservants' service. Shocked at the sight, Li Jing moved forward and struck the fleshy ball with his sharp sword. As it split in two, a baby boy jumped out amidst the red light. He had a white, beautiful face, wore a gold bracelet on his right wrist, and his belly was covered with a piece of red damask silk that shone with golden light. The next day a Taoist came to Li Jing's mansion and requested to see him. A Taoist himself, Li Jing quickly invited the man in and treated him as master. The master was Fairy Primordial from the Golden Light Cave on Qianyuan Mountain, whose magical weapons, the Universal Ring and the magic Sky Muddling Damask, had been bestowed on Nezha when he was still in his mother's womb. After congratulations, Fairy Primordial requested to see the child, give him a name and take him for a disciple.

《哪吒传奇》讲述了一个中国古老的传说。哪吒从肉球中腾空出现,便力大无穷,女祸因此选他为人间正义与邪 恶力量抗衡的正义化身。作为邪恶力量代表的石矶。一心想占有哪吒身上的力量,屡遭失败后就生杀机。哪吒在女娲和伙伴们的帮助下,同石矶展开了惊心动魄的斗 争,闯过一道道艰险的难关,并最终由一个不谙熟人世的顽童成长为一个充满童趣的小英雄。

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