Chinese Classic Children Radio Plays (4CDs)

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 Best Kid and Adult Mandarin Audio CDs (4 disc)
Product Description:
Package: 4 Audio Disc that you can play on any CD player.
Language: Mandarin
Producer: China National Radio
Content: Musical Broadcasting Recording of children's favorite fairy tales, bedtime stories, musical dramas, rap dramas, and verse drama (***No Propaganda!!!)
Version: 50 Years Anniversary Collector's Edition

Disc 1:
Track 1: Intro (前奏)
Track 2:Little Bear's Treat, Musical Drama (小熊请客,小歌剧)
Track 3:Little Cat Fishing (小猫钓鱼)Source: Chinese Children Story
Track 4:Sat. Afternoon (星期六下午)
Track 5:Red Hair Monkey (赤毛猴)
Track 6:Little Tadpole Searches for its Mama (小蝌蚪找妈妈)
Track 7:Smart Little Turtle,Rap Drama (聪明的小乌龟,快板剧)

Disc 2:
Track 1: Intro (前奏)
Track 2: Garden Sisters (果园姐妹)
Track 3:Wolf and Little Lamb,Rap Drama (狼和小羊,快板剧)
Track 4:Little Crow and its Mama (小乌鸦和它的妈妈)
Track 5:Little Bear Pulls its Tooth (小熊拔牙)
Track 6:Smart Wooden Child (聪明的木娃)

Disc 3:
Track 1: Intro (前奏)
Track 2: Pigsy Eats Watermelon (猪八戒吃西瓜)Source: Classical Novel, Journey to the West
Track 3:Foolish Man Moves a Mountain (愚公移山)Source: Ancient Chinese Classical Tale
Track 4:Mr. Dongguo and a Wolf (东郭先生和狼)Source: Ancient Chinese Classical Tale
Track 5:Sun Moon Pond's Legend (日月潭的传说)Source: Taiwanese Legend
Track 6:Ginkgo Child and Treasure Pot (银杏娃娃和聚宝盆)

Disc 4:
Track 1: Intro (前奏)
Track 2: Emperor's New Cloth(皇帝的新装)
Track 3:Little Fairy (小仙子)
Track 4:Tale of the Fisherman and the Goldfish, Verse Drama (渔夫的金鱼的故事,诗剧)
Track 5:Frog Prince (青蛙王子)

All recording are done by professional artists of China national Radio, and most of all, thanks to the producers and artists that they did these children education classics that contains No Propaganda.

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