Easy Steps to Chinese for Kids Workbook (2a)

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These are the companion workbooks for the Easy Step to Chinese for Kids series. Chinese Made Easy for Kids adopts a new approach to teaching Chinese as a second/foreign language. It is designed for primary school students who start to learn Chinese as total beginners. This series include 4 books, and each book consists of one textbook and one workbook. After completing this series, learners will be able to write from memory approximately 100 simple characters, recognize over 500 Chinese characters and be able to develop listening a speaking skills from early age. The Workbook provides a bunch of simple exercises, such as numbering, matching, coloring and drawing, in order to teach the kids Chinese knowledge as well as train their abilities of thinking and practice.

《轻松学汉语(少儿版)练习册》是《轻松学汉语(少儿版)》 的配套练习册。该系列旨在为初学者,特别是小学生,打好把汉语作为外语/第二语学习的基础。这套教材着重培养学生听说方面的交际能力。其特色在于它贯穿使用了交际法,同时也考虑到汉语与欧洲语言的不同之处,即汉字与其读音是相对独立的

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