Easy Steps to Chinese for Kids Textbook (2b)

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Easy Steps to Chinese for Kids is a series of Chinese textbooks specifically designed for kids from non-Chinese backgrounds. It covers four levels, each of which is made up of two volumes: a and b (each with a CD). This series has four characters in it, namely Ding Yi, Tian Li, Jingjing and Lele, who are primary school students from China and abroad. Beautifully designed illustrations, simple sentences and dialogues and lovely songs among other means are adopted to develop the kids’ interest in learning Chinese and help them lay a solid Chinese foundation by mastering such fundamental Chinese knowledge as numbers, basic strokes, self-introduction and daily expressions. Chinese culture is introduced on the last two pages of each volume together with some color stickers for practice. Each volume comes with a CD with all the lessons and songs on it.

《轻松学中文》(少儿版)是专门针对海外非华裔小学生开发的汉语教材,共4册,每册配a、b两册课本(含CD)。本套教材围绕丁一、田力、京京和乐乐4个 中外小学生的故事展开,用精美的插图、简短的句子和对话、优美的歌曲等生动的形式培养起学生学习汉语的兴趣,使其轻松打好汉语学习的基础,掌握如数字、汉 字基本笔画、自我介绍、日常用语等汉语知识。每册最后还特意为学生配了2页跟中国文化有关的介绍和彩色贴纸,随书附赠的CD录有每课课文和歌曲

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