Go! Chinese: Go 200 Multimedia Courseware (CD-ROM)

IQ Chinese


Go! Chinese, together with IQChinese Go multimedia CD-ROM, is a fully-integrated Chinese language program that offers an easy, enjoyable, and effective learning experience for learners of Chiense as a foreign language.

The program is developed with the 5C's principles of ACTFL's National Standards for Foreign Language Education-Communication, Cultures, Comparisons, Connections, and Communities, as its core. It aims to help beginners develop their communicative competence in the four language skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing while gaining an appreciation of the Chinese culture, exercising their ability to compare and contrast different cultures, making connections with other discipline areas, and extending their learning experiences to their homes and communities.

The program is divided into two series: Beginner and Intermediate. The Beginner Series, which comprises four levels (Go100-400), provides a solid foundation for continued study of the Intermediate Series (Go500-800). Each level includes a student textbook, a workbook, and a CD-ROM companion.

Beginner Series: Go100 - Go400

  • Designed for zero beginners, each level of the Beginner Series is made up of 10 colorfully illustrated lessons. Each lesson covers new vocabulary and simple sentence structures with particular emphasis on listening and speaking skills.

  • In keeping with the communicative approach, a good mix of activities such as role play, interviews, games, pair work, and language exchanges are incorporated to allow students to learn to communicate through interaction in the target language.

  • The CD-ROM uses rhythmic chants, word games, quizzes, and Chinese typing exercises to improve students' pronunciation, master of pinyin, and their ability to recognize and read words and sentences taught in each lesson.

    The Beginner Series can be completed in roughly 240 hours (160 hours on Textbook and 80 hours on CD-ROM). Upon completion of the Beginner Series, the student will have acquired approximately 500 Chinese characters and 1,000 common phrases.

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