The Wisdom of the Classics in Comics,Tsai Chih Chung Comics Collection (28 Volumes), Chinese and English (Paperback)

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NO Outbox! 28 Individual Books Only!!

Chinese & English Tsai Chih Chung's book have sold over 40 million copies in 44 countries around the world. The whole collection comes with a decorative outer box, includes below 28 volumes:

1. Sunzi Speaks: The Art of War (English-Chinese) [Paperback]

2. History Speaks: The Four Princess of the Warring States (English-Chinese) [Paperback]

3. Journey to the West Book I (English-Chinese) [Paperback]

4. Journey to the West Book II (English-Chinese) [Paperback]

5. Shaolin Temple (English-Chinese) [Paperback]

6. Sayings of Buddha (English-chinese) [Paperback]

7. Ghosts and Wizards: Fables and Fairy Tales from Late China (English-Chinese) [Paperback]

8. Confucius Speaks: The Message of the Benevolent (English-Chinese) [Paperback]

9. Madam White Snake (English-Chinese) [Paperback]

10. Zhuangzi Speaks I: More Music of Nature (English-Chinese) [Paperback]

11. Zhuangzi Speaks II: More Music of Nature (English-Chinese) [Paperback]

12. Zen Stories: The Staff and Shout of the Venerable Ones (English-Chinese) [Paperback]

13. Great Learning; the Middle Path: The Pinnacle of Virtue; Living a Life of Harmony (English-Chinese) [Paperback]

14. The Dao Speaks I: More Whispers of Wisdom (English-Chinese) [Paperback]

15. The Dao Speaks II: More Whispers of Wisdom (English-Chinese) [Paperback]

16. Wisdom of the Zen Masters: The quest for Enlightenment (English-Chinese) [Paperback]

17. Spitting on Ghosts: Fables and Fairy Tales from Early China (English-Chinese) [Paperback]

18. Dharma Sutra (English-Chinese) [Paperback]

19. Liezi Speaks: Thoughts to Ride the Wind (English-Chinese) [Paperback]

20. Heart Sutra (English-Chinese) [Paperback]

21. Mencius Speaks: The Cure for Chaos (English-Chinese) [Paperback]

22. The Analects of Confucius (English-Chinese) [Paperback]

23. The Roots of Wisdom (English-Chinese) [Paperback]

24. Creation of the Gods I (English-Chinese) [Paperback]

25. Creation of the Gods II (English-Chinese) [Paperback]

26. Thunder God(English-Chinese) [Paperback]

27. Han Feizi Speaks: The Power of Pragmatism (English-Chinese) [Paperback]

28. The New Dao: Mystery and Pure Conversation (English-Chinese) [Paperback]

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