Odonata 900-1200 Words Readers (1 set 8 books) New Series

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900-1200 Words level (8 Books): Each level contains an additional 100 new words in comparison to that of the previous level. 900 Words level includes four titles:

  1. 认识新朋友 Make New Friends

  2. 分享好东西 Share Good Thing

1000 Words level includes four titles:

  1. 做手工 Make Crafts

  2. 变魔术 Do Magic

1100 Words level includes four titles:

  1. 误会猫头鹰 Misunderstanding Owl

  2. 参加化妆舞会 Costume Party 

1200 Words level includes four titles:

  1. 小野狼穿校服  Little Wolf Wears School Uniform

  2. 鼠鹿打扫家居 Deer Cleans House

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