Xinhua Dictionary With English Translation (Hardcover)

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This revised Chinese and English bilingual version is based on the original dictionary with English translation of the words and sentences. Each Chinese word is explained in simplified and traditional characters, Pinyin, Zhuyin, and English. People who learn Chinese in all these forms can use this dictionary by searching the words in Pinyin or by radicals.

This dictionary is completed and edited according to the 1998 revised edition of Xinhua Dictionary. Since this dictionary was first published in 1957, it has been circulated in a total of over 3.8 hundred million copies. The bilingual version retains the whole text and function of the original one, on the basis of which it defines words, phrases, sentences and writings as well as other materials one by one in English.

This bilingual edition, featuring full English translations, is sure to be as popular with Chinese language students. So far it has been printed for more than 400,000,000 volumes. With necessary illustrations and appendices, this dictionary provides readers much convenience. A must-have reference for students and Chinese as second Language readers.



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