Odonata 100 Words Readers (1 set 8 books) New Series

Odonata Publishing (Malysia)


100 Words level (1 set of 8 books) – These stories are written with the most commonly used Chinese words. The repeated usage of the words in the stories helps children/students more effectively master and learn the applications of the first 100 words. Each and every page is correlated. The vivid pictures in this book set aim to stimulate the children’s interest in reading. This set includes:

  1. Tapping the Ball 拍球
  2. Viewing Flowers 看花
  3. Mom and Dad 爸妈
  4. Painting 画画
  5. Little Fish 小鱼
  6. Little Cat 小花猫
  7. Home 家
  8. Beach 海边

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